About Uludağ

Karinna Hotel Convention & Spa is located in one of the most favorite ski resorts in Turkey, Uludağ. Uludağ, which is the highest mountain of West Anatolia is 36 kilometres away from Bursa’s city center. You can arrive our hotel from cableway station by walking.
Uludağ has the oldest and most famous ski resort in Turkey.  Uludağ Ski Resort, is established on the hills named Fatintepe and Kuşaklıkaya, southwest of the city of Bursa. The Ski Resort includes an are of 11 thousand 338 hectares, including the National Park.
Uludağ is the leading winter games and ski resort of Turkey. It gets a lot of recognition with its closeness to big residental places, with the abundance of camp and one-day usage areas. Uludağ’s National Park’s number of visitors yearly is around 1.000.000.
In Uludağ, the most important winter games and ski resort in Turkey, the number of snow-covered days is 178. Ski-runs provide sercives in the days between December 15 and April 30. Snow can be seen up to 3 meters in Uludağ ski resort.
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